I am extremely pleased with my new smile! It was also the most comfortable dental visit I have ever had. Now my teeth are whiter and brighter so I smile much more often than ever before. My new smile has made me a happier person! If I had done this 10 years ago, I may be on television today instead of radio!
-Gene Fogel, WJR Personality

Dr. Tom showed me a procedure that would straighten, smooth, and brighten my teeth. I was even more excited when they said I could have them made bigger! After two appointments, I have the most beautiful white smile my family members and coworkers have ever seen. My teeth feel smooth on my lips and tongue. Many people have remarked on what a beautiful smile I have. I smile big and laugh a lot now because I feel great about how I look!
-Debbie Holman, Madison Heights

My front tooth was chipped and cracked down the center. I am glad I went to Dr. Kachorek. He was efficient, the experience was pain free and the results far exceeded my expectations.
-George Schulte, Clinton Township

It took five years of searching and three different dentists before I found a staff that made me “feel at home” and were totally professional. You have brought a new smile to my face. Thank You Dr. Kachorek and staff for the outstanding work you have done.
-Mr. “B”, Troy

My theme song use to be “ I’ll never smile again” because of the condition of my front teeth. I would try not to smile and was particularly uncomfortable when meeting new people. Now, thanks to Dr Tom, that is no longer the case. I now have a beautiful smile that, I am told, brightens up my whole face and makes me look years younger. I am thrilled with my new smile and have a more positive outlook.
-Yvonne Tiffany, Clinton Township

Since I had my smile makeover, people tell me I look great. With whiter and straighter teeth I have a more youthful appearance. I tell everyone that my new smile comes from Dr. Tom Kachorek at Baypointe Dental.
-Joanne Piechocki, Fraser

Working in the dental industry has made me appreciate healthy teeth and straight, white smiles. I only trust Dr. Kachorek to take care of my overlapping front teeth. In just two appointments I went from having crooked teeth to straight natural-looking teeth. convenient, and pain free. Thank you for my new smile. I am pleased to recommend my friends and family.
-Thayer Gorges, Rochester

Thanks Dr. Kachorek for my Hollywood smile. I love me new teeth! I was told I would have to have my jaw broken to make a wider smile. I was so glad I did not go that route. At Baypointe Dental I got my new look in two comfortable visits with special little spa touches that made my visits painless and very enjoyable. I can’t wait to do more!!
-Lori Meadows, Macomb Township

People compliment me on my new smile all the time. I feel more confident than ever before. I just want to thank you for my beautiful smile makeover. I am very pleased with the results. I am happy to refer my coworkers and friends to you.
-Judy Gottage, Utica

I used to be embarrassed by my teeth and smile. Now I like showing off my beautiful smile. My new teeth have increased my confidence and self esteem. The investment was well worth it.
-Patricia Gralewski, Clinton Township